harman international
"One word: IMPRESSED!
This really brings a smile to my face once opening these images! It looks really beautiful, clean, premium.... I can’t wait until we see this at IFA... Thank you all for all work put in this project and we keep on continuing the success of Quad."

"This to inform you the Knokke store had an excellent performance over the 1st weekend of operation. Sunday was the absolute best day with figures not seen in any store since the January sale. Thanks again too all who made this happen!"

"Lovely. Just had some very important people through the Riyadh showroom and it did the job I wanted it to do and more. I want to say THANK YOU."

B&W group
"I was in both Riyadh and Casablanca! Beautiful stores and the best custom install retail front end I have seen anyplace."

"KVB Design has been a delight from the outset. The showroom plans were delivered very quickly and turned out to be the key footprint for what has become an amazing Experience Center for our customers. Every single design idea that KVB Design put on paper, worked perfectly for this showroom and all the elements were in total harmony with each other. A big ‘Thank You’ for a wonderful team that I would be keen to work with again."

"You and your team have done a fantastic job in such a short time!!! We could notice from the very beginning that the proposal marks a clear step forward!!"

"We would like to thank you and your team for having completed the Public mobiles concept within the desired time frame. We feel it was a difficult and under pressure process that was so nicely completed from your side. We have very much appreciated the great business relationship we have had with your company. In retail business we must get our ideas/thoughts and products to the stores on a tight schedule and therefore we rely on dependable service from business partners like you."

"This is great - very very good presentation. Thank you very much."

"what can I say? just: THANK YOU. thanks for all the great work you did for me and the company during the last year. It is a pleasure to working with people like you, to have a business relationship like friendship. Competence, trust, friendliness, reliability, all the things that make the difference. I am looking very much forward to the new challenges, to further working with you and I am convinced we’ll get great things done."

"Meridian Audio commissioned KVB Design to develop a complete retail design programme, from dedicated showrooms, a ‘shop in shop’ concept to individual retail elements. We are now opening stores globally and improving our presence within our current retail channel. They have delivered fresh and innovative ideas on time, on brief and within budget. The only down side is that Kevin loves his red wine and blames me for the resulting hangovers."

"Just great, excellent work and fantastic pro-activity. Just right for our colleges in China. Thank you so much. I feel great that I can count on you and your team as excellent, reliable and pro-active partners!"

"In 2008 when we realized that it was time for Archimedia to develop a unified and compelling retail concept, we went directly to KVB Design. Our relationship with their team has developed since then, and our brand has benefited from their professionalism, vision, and ability to utilize the language of design to convey our unique brand message. I consider the KVB team to be an integral part of our future, and am also pleased to have gained the friendship of such a wonderful group of individuals. "

"Your way of communicating and your status info is excellent!!!!"

"We very successfully worked together with the KVB Design retail experts, for the evolutionary development of the GERMANOS telecom retail distribution channel. The result of our over 5 years hand to hand co-operation, is the very stable maintenance of the leader’s position, proven by sales and customer awareness over all these years. The GERMANOS stores have been designed and constantly remodelled with the help of KVB Design and have proven to be effective and productive stores. "